A salute to cousin Drilling Mud

It's been a big few days in the news for 'mud'. The lowly mud usually only makes the mainstream when it's sliding down on some chic homes, but this time it's mud to the rescue. This special type of mud, and aren't we all, is very dense, way heavier than oil, twice as heavy as water, this mud sinks. Our hero is being pumped into the battle zone at a pressure higher than the geologic pressure behind the oil and under orders to sink. Mud stands on the front lines between the innocent forces of geology and the techno-mad primate species.

The birds, fish, shrimp, oysters, turtles, dolphins, and billions of others are rooting for the mud. Their lives, the lives of their offspring, the future of their habitat lies under great pressure, a mile below the surface, in the hands of our cousin Drilling Mud.

Be strong fair mud, you have the good vibes of billions behind you.