Kanellos the Greek Protest Dog

Kanellos has been spotted amid exploding tear gas canisters, confronting riot police, and from all reports has shown enormous solidarity by always siding with the protesters. Last night the CBC's peice showed him doing a cameo on one of their broadcasts. i suspect that he's the most popular dog in the world today as the slide show at The Gaurdian was almost impossible to load this AM.

i noticed from the pictures that Kanellos always has a collar and a dog tag and that he's appeared in many places all over Greece. So #1 it's a fairly safe assumption that he's going to the protests with his people. #2 his people aren't the cops or army.

Kanellos, like his brethern worldwide, is showing us how to be noble, how to give unconditional love, how to live the life of an impeccable warrior. Kanellos and my dog Pancho will always stand up for what they believe in. i've seen my dogs Ali, Happy [may they rest in peace] and Pancho fearlessly charge a huge bear and never waver, never blink. They would, each of them, instantly lay down their lives in my and my family's defense. Kanellos is a proud member of evolution's highest acheivement.

If the Christians are right i wanna go to doggy heaven. If the Buddhists are right i wanna be reincarnated as a dog. Meanwhile my best friend and i live our little lives together in service to each other and i try every moment to be as perfect a being as my best friend is.

With Dog on Your Side - The Guardian has a great slide show here