Corporate War and Cannon Fodder

Fools. Humans can be such fools. War, every war, every where is fought to control resources. There are no 'good' wars. There never was, there never will be. War, as the song says, "is good for absolutely nothing". Yet humans buy into the propaganda, the fear mongering, with such fervor they'll send their sons and daughters to kill and be killed, to maim and be maimed in service to the profits of the war machine.

Fear of the other, fear of the unknown, is the crack in the human pschye that tyrants have always used as an insertion point for their lever. "We have nothing to fear but fear itself" Roosevelt said in an earlier, slightly more honest, moment of crisis.

We all stand now on the edge of the destruction of the thin ecosphere that sustains all life, yet we continue to consume faster and faster because we fear the abyss of unknowing. From the 'masters of the universe' on Wall St. to the oil barons of Alberta to...well, to everywhere, only one thing matters, more. More money, more power, more control, for them that is. The masters laugh at how easily 'we the sheeple' are led from mall to mall by advertisers pimping their plastic crap.

i, the hermit, hold these truths to be self-evident: we all breathe the same air, we are all mortal and we will never be whole until we learn to want less, until we learn to overcome the fear of the unkown, until we embrace the one life we all share.