'Ask every question, question every answer'

Times Square Bomb story diverts mainstream attention away from Gulf disaster, how convient. The net is alive this morning with cries of HOAX. Seems quite a few folks, in addition to me, smell something rotten in Times Square. By yesterday morning the US mainstream media had pushed the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico off the headlines and replaced it with a good 'ol flag waving boogeyman terrorist FEAR story.

At first i just wondered at how such an incompetent bomber had managed to pull off such a complicated plot. Someone had secured an SUV in Texas, gotten it to Connecticut, plastered on stolen lisence plates, removed the VIN [a complicated task in itself] then built such a stupid bomb. Bomb making information is openly available to any nut case that's interested on the web. There's hundreds of ways to make things go BOOM. Fireworks and garden fertilizer don't go BOOM.

Then i started to wonder about the immediate refocusing of the corporate media's lens away from the real disaster, the real thing in the Gulf. It was just to convient, just to timely. Then this morning i started searching the web and found hundreds of other opinions-ideas about the hoax potential of the Times Square smoke and fireworks show. Search for yourself, think for yourself. Maybe its all bullshit, but don't just accept the word of the 'authorities' on anything ever.

'Ask every question, question every answer.'

GORDON DUFF: TIMES SQUARE BOMB HOAX, ISRAELI INTEL GROUP SHOWS IT’S HAND - Only days after a warning of an Israeli “false flag” bombing against the US “in the works” a massive car bomb is discovered in Time Square!