Anti-Zionism isn't Anti-semitism

Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Fleet read the headlines around the world this morning. Another crinimal act by Isreal. The blockade itself is a crinimal act. Their settlements, their occupation, their 'secret' nuclear weapons, all against international laws. Isreal only gets away with this because the US, Canada, and the EU backs them, especially the US with its huge military muscle and aid.

For instance, on Thursday Amnesty International accused the US and European states of obstructing justice by using their position on the UN Security Council to shield Israel from accountability for war crimes committed in Gaza. As long as the American, Canadian and European governments continue to allow Israel to flout international law without consequence,. Israel will continue.

Isreal is ruled by the religious fanatics of the settlers movement. They, like all good fundmentalists, believe in the literal truth of their 'book', the Torah. Religious fanatics are by far the worst political danger the world faces. There no difference which 'book' they believe contains their god's own words, it's the unchallengeale, incontriverible nature of the mindset that creates the danger we now face.

The Christian fanatics back Zionist fanatics because their 'book' says that's the road to heaven, to Rapture. But our attention is constantly being diverted by the semantic trick whereby we equate Zionism with Judaism. They are two totally different things, the media has mis-educated the western world by using the terms interchangably. Judaism is a religion, a buncha hocus-pocus, like the rest of 'em, designed to placate fear of death and thereby exercise power and control. Zionism is a different animal. Zionists are racist bigots who believe their god chose them, 'the chosen people', and gave them title to and control of a huge area of the Middle East. The Zionists, like all fundamentalists, believe they and only they hear the true word of god whispering in their ear. But its the same voice every religious fanatic hears, it's their own inner voice telling them another self serving lie that trys to justify another unjustifable act. Anti-Zionism isn't Anti-Semitism