Cliff Gilker Park

We live on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, one of the world's most perfect spots. We are blessed with clean air, good land, a moderate climate, the world's best water, good people, and ferry access to Vancouver [just close enough to use its facilities, just enough of a pain in the ass to keep the hordes on the other side].

One of the best things about living here is Cliff Gilker Park situated next to the golf course in rural Roberts Creek. The park is maintained by the Regional District offically but it's the Parks Dept. and in reality the employees who do the work that deserve the credit.

The place is gorgeous, through its forest run two large creeks and a system of intertwined trails. A person and their dog can walk for miles everyday through a different combination of the intersecting trail system. And we do. I used to think Disneyland was the happiest place on earth, now i know it's Cliff Gilker Park.

There's fairies and ferns, birds and bees, bridges and bears, mud and trees plus a wonderful subculture of dog and human walkers who's friendship and positive spirit give me hope for our future.

In the next few days i'll be posting different stories and pictures about Cliff Gilker and the adventures of my best friend Pancho and i. But right now the sun is getting higher, the air warmer and we're off too breathe the air and walk the trails of 'the happiest place on earth'.