BC School Boards facing huge cuts in funding

School Boards all across BC are seeing huge cuts in funding from the Provincial Government. Oh sure there's plenty of dough for the Olympics, plenty of dough for a new roof on BC Place, plenty for roads to Whistler, plenty for everything that has to do with their rich benefactors.

A balance sheet is simple stuff. There's incoming dough and outgoing dough. To be balanced they gotta match. Like all rightwing neoconservative nitwits the Liberals here in BC have cut taxes for their rich friends and the Corporations that support them so there's less dough coming in. They've spent billions on the shiny trinkets for the billioniares binge called the Olympics so there's way more going out. Somethings gotta happen and it's easy to see what.

Services are being cut everywhere. Not just our kids and schools are paying for the corrupt Liberals gluttony but medical services especially for extended care facilities are on the block in every region. It's class warfare 101. Cut taxes for the rich, cut services for the poor. Why do people keep voting for these villians? First because more people feel they are invested in this nonsense than ever before. Second because the media and spin mongers keep mezmerizing the population with Horacio Alger bullshit so they believe they too will be rich if they just click their ruby red heels together 3 times and wish hard enough. And third because the dumbing of the elctorate over the last decades has created a citizenry willing to swallow this bullshit.

The rich don't care about public school quality, their kids go to well funded private schools. They don't care about health care, they fly off to Amerika's private clinics when they get sick. It' simple, it's class warfare and guess which side you're on.

Vancouver School Board proposes cutting 190 jobs