Take from the Needy, Give to the Greedy

Today the US House of Corporate Representatives will vote 'Yes' to the largest transfer of money from the pockets of the needy to the already bulging pockets of the greedy in history. 35 million uninsured Americans will be forced to onto the corporate insurance roles. Most aready can't pay their bills now so the US government has promised to pay this bill for them. The US government gets the money to pay its bills by borrowing from China or taxes.

The rich don't now, and won't in the future, pay anywhere near its fair share of taxes because their lawyers and accounts use massive loopholes in the tax act provided to them by their bribed mouthpieces in all so-called democracies. The poor don't pay taxes  because they have no dough. Who's left paying is the dwinding center, the sorta fortunate folks that have jobs, the manipulated and misnamed middle-class [there's only two classes, the haves and the have-nots].

Right now if poor folks get sick they go to the emergency room for treatment. These costs are born by local US taxpayers. As most local tax revenues are raised through property taxes and property taxes are still somewhat progressive [the more you've got the more you pay] the scenerio ends up with the richest paying for the poorest, downright unamerican eh. After this travesty of a bill passes the cost of subsidizing the millions of poor folks to the tune of billions per year will shift to the regressive national tax laws [the less you have the more you pay] for funding.

The same is true for the money borrowed through the bond markets. The rich have hedge funds and international investments to protect them from the sliding value of a currency whose once high value plunges further everyday as the US government prints more of it and thereby devalues-watersdown its strength.

It's always the same story in our corrupt corporatist western sham democracies, the rich rule and the poor drool. Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows. But one thing is clear, the greedy rich will never give up their power and control voluntarily. Looking up from the mud there seems only two possible solutions: revolutionary political change [hard to imagine in a culture like ours] or collapse. I'm rooting for the latter as it seems far more viable.