Snow in Vancouver - Time to Dance

A magic morning, another gong by the great clockworks, the first snows of winter and it's mid-March. Snow is a blessing here in BC’s southern coastal rainforest, it’s irregularity and unpredictability somehow add to the excitement.

Maybe it’s just the added shadow, the new outline to every contour. Maybe it’s the quiet. Maybe it’s the rushing back of childhood feelings and memories. Memories of long passed New England winter days, so many of which were filled with the joys of sledding. One of the best parts of growing up back in Adams, Mass was that every winter night a kid could go to sleep secure in the knowledge that school the next morning was far from a sure thing. No matter how unprepared you were for a test, or how undone an assignment was, you slept easy.

It's beautiful right now but it'll all melt by noon probably as it has with each of the last few days flurries. How ironic that under two weeks ago Olympic events were in jeapordy and artificial snow covered hay bales served as standins at Cypress's events. The Special Olympics start tomorrow and hopefully they'll benefit from this late winter blessing.

Truth is we need this blessing, all of BC could use at least a month of snow and cold. We've just come through the warmest and dryest Dec.-Jan.-Feb. on record. One report said our interior and coast range's snowpack is 50% or less than usual. Last summer saw much of BC in flames, we can all help avoid another ugly summer by doing our best rain-snow dance right now.