Planting By the Phases of the Moon

Planting by the moon is an idea as old as agriculture. The Earth is in a large gravitational field, influenced by both the sun and moon. The tides are highest at the time of the new and the full moon, when sun and moon are lined up with earth. Just as the moon pulls the tides in the oceans, it pulls on all water, causing moisture to rise in the earth, which encourages growth.

I conducted many experiments in the first few years of having gardens to experiment in. Each year some crops got planted at the right time of the moon and some crops at the wrong time of the moon. The difference was obvious and there for everybody to see. Crops planted according to the lunar cycle do much better.

Now it's your turn. Test the validity of gardening by the moon in your own garden. Plant some crops by the correct moon sign and others by the wrong moon sign. Experiment with above ground and below ground crops.

Above-ground crops are planted during the light of the Moon (new to full); below-ground crops are planted during the dark of the Moon (from the day it is full to the day before it is new again).

So using the Ecuadorian Finger Potatoes as our example again, the best day to plant in March is today. But today is way to early in the year so what we're really looking for is the best days to plant potatoes in the next moon cycle which would be the days around April 6th. Pea wise the best days to plant would be those around March 23rd.