Growing Open Pollinated Finger Potatoes

'Growing Open Pollinated Finger Potatoes' should have been yesterday's title as that's where it went. It started to be about the 'why' and turned into the 'how'. Today it's back to 'why' for a minute.

Potatoes, or any other plants, aren't genetically modified to provide more nutritiion they're modified to resist the effects of agrochemicals, herbicides, pestacides, etc. Then the fields can be even more bombarded by the corporate poisons. Agribusiness thrives on the control and sales of seeds, seed saving by small independent gardeners is a subversive act easily performed, rewarding and beneficial in the present and will be seen as essential after the petrochemical farming era self-destructs.

An excellant source of information on hows and whys of seed saving, the worldwide struggle against corporate control of our foods-our farms-our futures, is at Vandana Shiva's website.

Open pollinated potatoes, a subversive action disguised as a mound in your backyard.