Cuban Health Care Model

The Cubans seem to have figured out one trick, the ‘Great Health Care’ trick. The 3 articles below are each an indication of the respect the Cuban model has gained throughout Latin America and the rest of the world, discounting countries like the US [Canada soon too, eh] where the ideology of capitialist greed allows for no commie alternatives. But taken together they show not only just how much they are doing, but just how much we are not.

The Cubans are educating thousands of young Latin American doctors on the barter system. They’re trading knowledge for oil, access to classrooms and labratories for food, the Cuban model is dangerous to the corporate health model and they know it.

All of which makes the ridiculous US 'healthcare' debacle even more transparent. Amerika is run by the rich for the rich. American healthcare is the worst in the developed world, the worst in the western hemisphere, the worst in North America. Americans are undereducated about anything and everything concerning events outside the greed paradigm. Americans are the target of history's most elaborate propaganda machine.

To be fair, Canada is about one half step behind on average, certainly Alberta is if anything a half step ahead. The rich control the press, they control the government, if you participate in this collective insanity they control you too. Viva Fidel for showing the courage to stand up to these bullies all these decades.

Medical know-how boosts Cuba's wealth Health ministry officials say Cuba's $1.8bn (£1bn) and growing tourism industry will soon be overtaken as the number one foreign exchange earner by biotechnology joint ventures, vaccine exports and the provision of health services to other countries.