Super Bowl Party

The Super Bowl has taken on a life of its own. Worldwide millions of otherwise non-football fans gather with their fan brethern at parties that are centered more on the munchies, beer and socializing than the football. Here in N. America there's a Super Bowl party in every social circle. One old friend has hosted the tribal gathering for the last 30 years, different houses, different wives, but many of the same faces attending, including mine.

For sure there's a contingent of the devoted camped on the sofas glued to the tube. Another bunch that checks it out when the devoted roar, and another cocktail party group it barely intrudes upon. It is the #1 day for sales of for beer, chips, avacadoes, salsa, etc. every year.

There is a ball game, it's 44th rendition, saw the first one in my freshman dorm basement in college and mosta the rest. Even went to one once upon a time at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. It was the hometown Rams vs. the Steelers from Pittsburg, it was a spectacle, over 100,000, the biggest crowd ever for me. The game was historic, the Steelers made a huge comeback to win. One memorable side story was beer distribution. My seat was in an area of mixed Ram-Steeler fans, they booed and insulted each other as the moment dictated. But one thing transcended all, beer. Everyone bought a flat of a half dozen cups [after having a pee] and as they got to their seat nearby folks could throw the cash in the box and grab a beer. Everyone co-operated everyone gained, didn't matter who you rooted for, everybody shared beer. Americans are feircely independent and hate communists [ask Fidel] in all things but beer.

Here's hoping we all get to see lottsa old comrades at our local Super Bowl bash