Marijuana Rejuvenates Cells in the Hippocampus

Couldn’t be happier than to read that researchers at the University of Saskatchewan have proven that marijuana rejuvenates cells in the hippocampus, an area of the brain associated with learning and memory. Neuroscientist Xia Zhang and his team found, under the influence of marijuana, that their rats started growing new brain cells.

Good news for everybody; the rats, the researchers and us potheads. For sure humans aren't rats and the rats didn’t get pot they got a chemical facsimile, and there’s gonna be another study come out that shows the opposite, that’s science. Basically there’s two sides to every question, we each pick the side we like.

This lack of a nice clear one sided answer on most issues puts the pot ball, and every other purportedly objective-scientific experiment, clearly in the subjective court. Subjectively, i’ve been observing marijuana’s effects on a brain as often as possible for over 40 years now. It has always seemed to me, and a lotta other long time users, that pot causes new connections to be made between brain cells. Countless times in my life, when faced with an intractable problem, the kind that can go round and round in the ol’ brain, i’ve had a eureka type solution jump out at me after having smoked a joint. Matter of fact i could use a few extra brain cells and/or connections right now to help with my next project. Guess i’ll go roll up some brain food.

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Researchers discovered that chemicals from marijuana rejuvenate an area of the brain linked with learning.