Economic Collapse and Climate Change

Civilization is a disease, fatal to life on Earth as we know it. That’s the view of Britain’s Keith Farnish, author of the book Time’s Up!  An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis. You might not like what he has to say – or maybe you will.

Here are a couple of more links for Keith Farnish:
His blog: earth-blog.bravejournal.com.
Another blog is unsuitablog.com

Keith, like more and more people, see economic collapse as necessary both enviromentally and economically. Enviromentally because we humans are incapable of voluntarily curbing our collective greed and devotion to our god of 'more'. Economically because the division of wealth is so skewed only the great leveling of assets by making them all worthess can wrestle power from the privledged.

The rich and super-rich seem completely oblivious to the plight of their fellow citizens. How else can we explain the obscene pay packages of CEOs and other executives? They are the product of upper-class exceptionalism -- the normal rules of citizenship do not apply to them. They do not have to consider the fate of their country so they hide their money in foreign banks -- with no guilt -- to evade taxes. They are simply entitled to everything they have -- and to even more if they can get it. Class divisions in Canada have been growing now for at least 25 years, to the point that we seem to be entering a new era of feudalism. This is a part of the crisis in democracy that almost never gets talked about. - Murray Dobbin

Toward the Collapse: Growth-Economy = Climate Disaster

Is global warming unstoppable now? Could we be saved by total economic collapse? If so, should we help civilization fall?