Cyanide of the Masses

Religion gives people comfort and a worldview that lets them slide through life without having to face their own mortality. Mortality, the big terrorist, death, the destination of every life. So you might as well be the special, the chosen ones, as every religion claims their adherents are, and being special, being able to hear the true word of god, they and only they will somehow escape the wheel of life. Easter Bunny logic, once our ancestors got suckered into the a-brahim crap, the one god, good/evil worldview, the unified view of our Pagan past was eclipsed.

It's time for religion to return to its churches, close its doors and get out of our courts and governments. Better yet let them all wither and die, let people once again understand that they don’t have dominion over plants, animals or minerals, we’re all equal partners. Seeing-living this unified miracle makes it apparent that any arrogant destruction by ‘us’ of the ‘others’ is really suicide.

“Religion is not merely the opium of the masses, it's the cyanide.”-Tom Robbins

Our problems are philosophical and until that's solved the political ones will keep reappearing.

What If They Gave a War...? by The Luddite
Why aren't we storming the battlements of every filthy oil company in America, demanding that their executives be tossed into fetid dungeons for cynically manipulating gas prices while raking in obscene profits.Why aren't we demanding that religion return to the pulpit, where it belongs, and keep out of the White House and the courts? In short, where the hell is everybody?