World Jr. Finals Tonight

Tonight's championship game between our beloved Canadian boys and those from the evil empire oughtta be one of the best hockey games of the year. Their matchup in the round-robin was a classic overtime shootout won by Canada by a whisker. The World Junior Tournament offers a non hockey zealot like me the oppurtunity to enjoy the game as it should be played. There's no fights, no millionaire's egos, no billionaire owners. There are young hard working teams playing for their team, their teammates and their counrtymen.

There always some controversy, this year it's Pepsi Co. and their attempt to co-opt the wave of pride Canadians feel for their boys in green [or whatever jersey they wear tonight. Blogs and news outlets accross canuckistan are full of outrage at Pepsi's backfiring advertising gimmick.

All that's a sideshow, junior hockey is the story. Beside possibly at the Olympics the junior tourney is hockey at it's best. It's tonight at 4:30 pacific. Lineup your beverages, get ready to cheer Canada's finest 3 hours approaches.

Canadian hockey fans aren't sheep, Pepsi
Tonight, the floodlights will burn out on yet another spellbinding World Junior Hockey Championship. Canada and the United States are set to face off in what will inevitably be another gripping iteration of the two nations' border war for bragging rights and precious gold. But while tonight's gold medal game will bring an end to the tournament, many Canadians hope that PepsiCo's pointless endeavour to try to inject pride and loud noises into an already batshit-insane hockey nation will die with it.