Vodun: The Light and Beauty of Haiti

This mornings research started with the recalling of the book 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' by ethnobotnist and BC homeboy Wade Davis. Wade lives and travels throughout Haiti, meets remarkable people and learns the ways of the Loa. It's a great read, as are all of Davis's books about his adventures, and an important resource that bypasses the official christian spin on Voodoo and instead delves in the real story and history of Vodun it's followers, it's beauty and its power.

Next, i searched the history of Vodun.

From there i began to read about Ezili Danto the spiritual mother of Haiti and the preeminent cosmic symbol of Black independence, unity, self-determination, justice, equality and freedom.

Haiti's spiritual story is as multilayered as its political story, in fact they are intertwined. Consulting some of these links provides a deeper understanding of why Haiti's population is said by the mainstream media to be 80% Catholic and how it's 99% Vodun beneath the surface.
Ezili Dantò the spiritual mother of Haiti