Obama's first year depressing for the left

Yesterday my homies in Mass. dealt the forked tongued Obama a slap in the kisser. Today he can be seen wandering the White House grounds chain smoking and talking to his dog. Hopefully someone, dog or pony, will have the cajones to tell Obama the truth. Yesterday the progressives stayed home. Mostly it's President Barack Obama's fault for not listening to his progressive base and forsaking us to follow the Rahm Emanuel path of cutting deals with every corporate special interest in Washington in an attempt to perpetuate Democrats in power the same way Republicans do.

Team Obama assumed the presidency exactly one year go today to much fanfare from the left and proceeded to carry over every fascist policy of the Bush/Cheney era. The list is long and well documented on progressive sites throughout the web, i won't re-list them again it's just to damn depressing.

Basically team Obama, like the Clintons, figured that the best political move after being elected by the left was to move right and try to capture the middle ground and thereby put a stranglehold on power in Washington for years to come. They figured that the progressive voters had nowhere else to go, they owned the progressive votes, now they were going after the soft rightwing votes. Big mistake. The progressives in Mass. showed 'em they did have somewhere else to go on election day, the couch.

It looks like November's elections could be another retrenchment for the left. My suggestion is for the progressive citizens of the US to either abandon Obama for a new candidate in the primaries leading up to 2012 or, better yet, start over, retrench under a new party banner, a REAL progressive party not another corporate-billionaire-military complex but a party built on 'leadership from the bottom'. Further i propose this new party be led by Wendell Berry of Kentucky. To hell with Obama, Emanuel, Geithner, Summers, Gates, etc, it's time for real change, progressive change before the darkness is total.