The Muditte's SUV Solution

Will 2010 be the year of the Muddite SUV revolution? The year when we re-establish our connections with those mydrid millions we share this one life with? There's always hope, but the morning line in Vegas is calling this a VERY long shot.

It’s really no surprise that hybrid cars, SUV’s, trucks and buses are the fastest growing segment of the auto industry here in North America and around the world. Even in California, where cars are king, it’s become the ride of choice from the hip Beverly Hills types to the treehuggers in Humbolt County. Soon the plug-in hybrid will enter the market and the consciousness of consumers. With plug-in technology and rooftop solar photovoltaic generation one day we could see transportation approah a zero throughput of carbon emissions.

But what about the dirty old fashioned energy it would take to build all these new cars/batteries/chargers etc.? Engineers call this, the often overlooked energy used to produce a product, embedded energy. That’s where the muditte solution pictured above really starts to gain a foothold, eh. Forget callin the tow truck to haul away your old beater when it finally kicks the bucket, just chop off the front end and away you go into the future in the world’s most perfect SUV.