Steve Nash, Clearly Canadian

Steve Nash, aka Captain Canada, is the face behind Clearly Canadian Beverage bottled water. The British Columbia-based company has entered into a worldwide endorsement agreement with the Suns point guard and two-time NBA MVP.

"I have been very selective about the companies I have had relationships with over the years," said Nash. "The Clearly Canadian relationship is a natural fit for me. Not only are we both from British Columbia, but I was also drawn to Clearly Canadian because it is a company that understands its responsibility to give back to those less fortunate". Steve is playing a role in supporting Clearly Canadian's global water initiative. The company is directly involved in building safe drinking water systems in Central and South American villages. A match made in Canada, eh.

After winning the NBA's MVP award the first time kids all over the globe started wanting to be like Steve. They made more passes, completed more assists, didn't consentrate on their 'city game' and the 1 on 1 slam dunks, but become better team players. On the court and off Steve spends his energy serving others. No wonder the Suns have a lot of supporters down here in the mud.

Clearly Canadian and the Global Water Initiative

Water ... worth more than gold and necessary for survival above all other resources on earth.