Holly’s Packin’

Meet Holly, a much loved member of our ‘homeland security’ team. She’s a perfect 30, 8lbs, 8ins. tall, and 14 years old. Holly is basically retired now and serves mostly an emotionally supportive role.

Security is a tricky business, 1st ya gotta figure out who/what you’re insecure about. Tucked, as we were on the farm, into a rainforest without a neighbor in site, down the longest potholed driveway i could find, our security depended a lot more on controlling rodents than terrorists. The dogs were, and still are, in charge of controlling any religious fundamentalists that might wander in trying to save me, they’re the only terrorists here-abouts.

But back to today’s heroine, Holly The Rodentslayer. She eats, she sleeps, she does her beauty treatments, of course, and she still occasionally delivers warm dead things to the door, in an almost sacrificial manner. She earns her crunchies, always has. But far more than that, Holly is a full time partner in the bigger picture, an important member of the menagerie who we share this our lives with here in the mud.

One favorite game the 4 legged sect used to play back on the farm was dog-llama-kitty. It was a kinda like rock-paper-scissors with the twist that if Holly ever really felt threatened she'd turn on her dog-llama persueres and be declared instant winner. There was a huge old hollow stump that Holly could duck in and out of while the dog and yearling llama chased each other and her. The funniest thing was when Holly turned on them and you saw these the 60lb. dog and the 6ft tall 250lb llama stopping on dime and going backwards instantly in the opposite direction, they’d both seen Holly's lightening quick reflexes and felt the sting of her razor like claws. She’s a beautiful girl our Holly, she was a great mom when she had kittens years ago, and as my friend Mike says “she’s packin”.