Carbon Offsets and Copenhagen Crap

How unsual, every news organization around the globe, left wing-right wing-middle wing, north-south-east-west, agrees The Copenhagen Accord is total crap. No binding commitments, no...no nothing. The only happy face coming out of the fiasco was Canada's Prime Minister Stevey Harper, he got exactly the accord he wanted, no accord. Harper is, as always, a tool of Big Oil and especially the Tar Sands Billionaires. His, and his government's, climate goal is to get every joule outta the tar sands as fast as possible.

Why? Who benefits? Harper's billionaire benfactors get richer. The Conservative Party gets more dirty donations. The Amerikans get to keep driving their SUVs 80 mph down the Interstates. A win-win-win situation eh. Unless of course you happen to be any one of the other trillions of stakeholders living down here in the mud on mother earth.

So, millions of new tons of climate killing carbon were blown into our common atmosphere in order to transport the bishops of Mammon [and the unwashed, the protestors] to and around Copenhagen for more crap. Oh, for sure, the bishops say they've traded for Carbon Offsets equal to this new quantity of squalor they emitted. Carbon Offsets are just another lie designed to keep the consumer paradigm steamrolling, to assauge the guilt of the consumers. Carbon Offsets are just like the indulgences that the Catholic church sold in the middle ages. The bishops collected lots of money and the sinners got redemption.When looked at closely Carbon Offsets are just more, you guesed it, crap.

Leaders of the Rich World Are Enacting a Giant Fraud - by Johann Hari
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