Canada's Governments are polluted by Big Money

In July 2009, Canada was ranked last in an assessment of G8 countries' action on climate change. A wider evaluation of major countries placed Canada's action on global warming 59th out of 60 countries, better only than Saudi Arabia's. It appears the Canadian Government's goal is to over take Saudia Arabia in this race for the bottom spot.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is on his way to Copenhagen to represent his constituency, the Alberta Tar Sands billionaires. Harper and his Conservative Government have never met a polluter they didn't love. From Big Oil to the asbestos mines, from the petrochemical industry to GMOs, billionaire bankers, automakers, steel smelters, you name it, the Conservatives love 'em all.

Despite the fact that decades of polls show the Canadian population firmly in favor of strict anti-pollution standards and regulations both the current Conservative Government and the previous 9 years of Liberal Governments refuse to enact the kind of laws the population or their comitments to the Koyoto Protocal demands. Wonder why? Money talks in a pollutocracy, that's why.

The corporations, banks, and billionaires contribute massive sums to both of Canada's leading political party's, the rich own the parties, politicians and the government no matter who wins the elections. The rich sing the tune, the politicians do the dance. So this coming week in Copenhagen most Canadians, and the rest of the enlightened world, will watch in horror as Canada's 'leaders' do whatever their masters in Big Oil want of them.

One day our children and grandchildren will ask "How could Canada have fallen so far, so fast?" "Why did pollution and corruption take over our country so easily?" The answer, our answer, to them, "Money honey."

Ottawa funding group that promotes work of climate-change skeptics -The federal government has been funding an asbestos lobby group that promotes the work of prominent climate-change skeptics. The revelation comes as Canada's delegation struggles to avoid being cast as the villain at the Copenhagen climate conference, and environmentalists are urging the government to stop financing the group.

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